I want to inspire everyone through my creation and writing. Writing is my passion and the only thing which defines me my " trueself ". It inspires my soul which motivates me to crate romantic shayari and rythems.

I have a world of dreams which i want to share with the help of my words and romanic creation.


Milestone - Bikhare Panne

I am writing from long time and spreaded my creations on paper but never tries to collect. But some of my well wishers suggested me to collect it make a cover book which will tell about your life and creations...

So i have decided to collect it and named " Bikhare Panne"

  • I have collected my 100 shayaris in Bikhare Panne.
  • It's a collection of romantic shayaris
  • You can find yourself in the collection if you have art of reading it.

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